Clyde & Co

While historically entrenched in shipping, Clyde & Co also provides reputable services in aviation, insurance, reinsurance and international trade.

7.7 / 10 16 reviews Overall Satisfaction

On a mission to take over the world, it seems!

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  • Reasonable hours make for a good work/life balance
  • Excellent quality of work, especially in litigation
  • Making partner is not an elusive dream
  • Friendly firm and partners are supportive


  • Pay is not quite on par with the calibre of the firm
  • There could be more secondment opportunities for trainees
  • The firm has not quite adjusted to its size in terms of resourcing and support

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Traditionally one of the three great shipping firms in the City, Clyde & Co was founded in 1933, by Scottish lawyer Richard Arthur Clyde. He had left a firm of City marine lawyers to start up on his own, and the firm immediately began to attract instructions from insurance companies. Befitting a onetime shipping firm, the areas of maritime and aviation remain big business for Clyde & Co, as are insurance and reinsurance and international trade.

There was a time when Clyde & Co was known as little more than a first-rate insurance firm, but since 1981 it has been on a growth curve, expanding internationally and diversifying its practice. It’s now a mid-tier player that punches above its weight in the areas of aviation, transport, insurance and international trade. However, its commercial litigation practice is one of the best in the City and it is fast-developing a technology practice.

Clyde touts that it has 33 offices worldwide – covering the majority of the world’s financial centres – and its lawyers are qualified in 17 jurisdictions, able to speak 37 languages.

Clyde & Co is one of the few firms with two offices in the South East. In 1969, the firm moved the ‘back office’ functions and two partners out of the City, into cheaper digs in Guildford. Since this re-housing, the office has grown to become a significant outfit in its own right.

With a long tradition of providing legal advice on a pro bono basis, Clyde & Co is one City firm truly committed to its community and giving something back. Solicitors use their skills in a wide variety of settings; from free legal advice clinics to radio phone ins. In fact, the firm was a founding member of the Solicitors’ Pro Bono Group – an independent charity formed to support, promote and encourage a commitment to pro bono by UK law firms.

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As well as academic results and a strong commercial acumen, Clyde & Co looks for those with a practical approach to problem solving and an international outlook. Applicants need to have excellent interpersonal skills to enable them to communicate effectively with clients, and Clyde & Co most certainly recruits to retain.

The process begins with the increasingly industry-standard online application, followed by an assessment session with graduate recruitment, culminating with an interview with two partners.

Clyde & Co Graduate Recruitment Info

Tel: +44 (0)20 7876 4387

Application Deadlines:
Training Contracts: 31st July 2014

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No. of lawyers firm-wide: 1108
Total Partners firm-wide: 281
Total Partners UK: 168
Trainee intake: 35-40
Trainees retained: 92% (2013)


# 20 in Top 50 Law Firms (6.59/10)
# 3 in Offices & Dress (8.75/10)
# 5 in Hours (7.92/10)
# 7 in Level of Stress (6/10)
# 9 (tie) in Career Prospects (5.5/10)
# 12 in Trainee Retention (7.2/10)
# 13 in Culture (8.29/10)
# 13 in Partner & Solicitor Relations (6/10)


London 2012
1st year trainee: £36,000
2nd year trainee: £38,000
Newly qualified: £59,000

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Aviation & Aerospace
Energy & Infrastructure
Insurance & Reinsurance
Professional Practices
Structured Trade & Commodity Finance

Subsidised canteen (with amazing 360 degree views). Pizza and brownie evenings. The (open bar) Christmas parties are always amazing. Hot water 'on tap'. Numerous staff discounts accessible through online site.

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There are lots of regional and foreign accents around the office, women constitute about half of the workforce and are entitled to generous maternity leave, and there are openly gay members of staff. There are quite a lot of staff members who attended state grammar schools and a few from the comprehensive sector.

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I have volunteered for the primary school reading scheme, assisting once a week.

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Some tasks are stressful but usually because I feel out of my comfort zone or challenged. This tends to go hand in hand with progression and achievement so it can be a good thing. I have been stressed as well at times with the volume of work to be completed in a short time frame.

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London Office:
The St Botolph Building
138 Houndsditch,
London EC3A 7AR
Tel: 020 7876 5555

No. of worldwide offices: 33
Abu Dhabi
Dar es Salaam
Hong Kong
New Jersey
New York
Rio de Janeiro*
San Francisco
Sao Paulo
St Petersburg*

*Associate Office