Walker Morris

Operating from its one and only site in Leeds, Walker Morris’ impressive performance suggests that its current strategy works for them. Its key practice areas are in litigation, property, corporate and commercial, and the firm is known for its close knit culture.

7.7 / 10 26 reviews Overall Satisfaction

Big personality, fun and hard working.

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  • Excellent quality of work and a high level of responsibility
  • Personable and relaxed atmosphere
  • Friendly and welcoming partners
  • Four-month seats mean trainees can experience more areas of the firm


  • Pay could be better and there are minimal bonuses
  • Limited flexibility over working hours
  • Office facilities could use a refurbishment
  • Internal communication is lacking

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Leeds-based firm Walker Morris is one of the few top 100 UK law firms that remains centred on a single site, and their performance shows that this strategy works for them.

Walker Morris’ key practice areas are litigation, property and corporate/commercial, but it advises its client base in all manner of matters and there has been a high level of growth in the firm’s planning and environment group. Chief among the client base are major corporations – many of which are based outside Yorkshire, with many international clients such as Caterpillar and Starbucks. The firm also has an unusual niche in waste recycling and energy.

Walker Morris is known for its close knit culture and transparency. Its lawyers cite work that is “varied and challenging” with the safety blanket of an open door policy and partners who are more than happy to take time to advise and help you out with any questions. Walker Morris certainly isn’t a pompous, cut throat City practice, a culture that the firm is keen to maintain.

Unlike most firms, Walker Morris operates a six-seat training programme allowing trainees to experience a larger number of seats for four months each. However, while it may recruit to retain – and many do stay – the door to equity partnership is reportedly hard to get through.

In philanthropic terms, Walker Morris keenly maintains involvement in local causes, with a programme of sponsorship for the arts. Through the firm’s corporate social responsibility programme, solicitors at Walker Morris undertake pro bono work for a number of charities, including Martin House Hospice, Marie Curie, the NSPCC and Breast Cancer Haven.

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Trainees at Walker Morris have a reputation for being outgoing and confident. The firm looks for motivated candidates who are interested in both Leeds and the firm, so don’t bother applying unless you are committed to the locale for the long haul. While strong academics are a prerequisite, candidates should have ‘something about them’ and are advised to make their personality shine through in their application forms.

The interview process is fairly long, with an assessment half day followed by a face-to-face interview that is said to be very informal. Another possible way to boost your chances is the Walker Morris vacation scheme; with many a trainee earning a contract on successful completion of the programme.


Walker Morris Graduate Recruitment Info

Graduate Recruitment Team
Email: hellograduates@walkermorris.co.uk
Tel: 0113 283 2500

Application Deadlines:
Training Contracts: 31st July 2014

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No. of employees firm-wide: 500
Partners: 52
Solicitors: 150
Trainee intake: 15
Trainees retained: 75% (2013)


# 7 in Partner & Solicitor Relations (7.83/10)
# 7 in Satisfaction with Work (8.28/10)
# 13 in Career Prospects (5.17/10)
# 14 in Informal Training & Mentoring (7.75/10)
# 14 in Trainee Retention (7.07/10)
# 15 in Hours (7.06/10)


1st year trainee: £24,000
2nd year trainee: £26,000
Newly qualified: £36,000
1 year PQE: 38,000
2 year PQE: 40,000
3 year PQE: 43,000

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Banking Litigation
Chemicals & Life Science
China Trade Practice Group
Commercial Dispute Resolution
Construction & Engineering
Employment & Human Resources
Finance - Banking
Finance - Restructuring & Insolvency
Intellectual Property
Property Litigation
Town & Country Planning
WM Claims

Outgoing, intelligent but socially very aware and adept people. Usually sporty and the firm looks for people who have well developed social lives and other interests. A big emphasis is what else you can bring to the firm, as good academics are a given.

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The office environment is very relaxed and everyone is very approachable. This includes speaking to the partners, and there is very much an open door policy. There are a lot of departmental social events and there are regular after work informal social opportunities amongst trainees.

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Excellent training. There is usually a training session of some form every week to which all trainees are invited regardless of department.

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6 seat training programme (4 months for each). The ability to return to a seat which you have enjoyed. Client secondment opportunities with international clients.

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Head Office:
Kings Court
12 King Street
Leeds LS1 2HL
Tel: +44 (0)113 283 2500