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Serious about landing a job with a top consulting firm? It’ll take more than just good grades to break into the top firms.

Get an in-depth look at commercial awareness and how the City works.

Sarah De Zoysa, BCG Consultant, tells us how BCG helped a drinks company launch a range of spirits in a new African Market.

Inside Buzz’s brand new 2014 Consulting Guide is now available as a free download.

The Watson-Glaser test is used by employers to assess candidates’ ability to think critically.

A popular form of psychometric testing, SHL tests are used by over 15,000 companies worldwide as part of their assessment process.

Zoe from Bain & Company tells us about a typical day, the ongoing training and the perks available at her firm.

Puzzles are a popular way for firms to test a candidate's critical thinking skills. Here are some practice brainteasers courtesy of BCG.

CHP Consulting's David O'Callaghan tells us about his experiences working on secondment in Mumbai, India.

Emma Tydeman from CHP Consulting tells us about life on the job, training and the work/life balance at her firm.

Interested in what actually gets asked during a consulting interview? Here's an insight into what can you expect.

Alex Collins explains a typical day in management consultancy at Ernst & Young.

So you've read all about consulting and you’re interested – great! Now the last hurdle: the case interview.

We take an in-depth look at the McKinsey PST, an assessment tool that has become popular at the leading consulting firm McKinsey.

Tyler Hill tells us about life on the job at BCG and offers advice for any aspiring consultants.

Tests are used to screen applicants. Don't be under any illusion: if you mess up, you won’t be invited through to the next stage. Start practicing today.

Check out the little perks that brighten up accounting and consulting jobs.

Want to work as a consultant? Here's a quick rundown of the consulting jargon you'll need to know when you’re on the job.

In the second part of our look at how to get hired in consulting, Inside Buzz takes you through case interviews and offers some tips and advice.

In the second part of our insider look at case interviews, Inside Buzz takes you through Guesstimates and Brainteasers.

Find out what you will need to land a job in management consultancy in the best bits of The Guardian's live Q&A